Agroforestry, elephants, and tigers

Research from Philip Nyhus, Ronald Tilson in the Journal Agriculture, Ecosystems & EnvironmentVolume 104, Issue 1September 2004Pages 87-97  in Title Agroforestry, elephants, and tigers: balancing conservation theory and practice in human-dominated landscapes of Southeast Asia.

The Research indicated that: Multi-use buffer zones, including those containing complex agroforestry systems, are promoted as one strategy to provide both economic benefits to people and conservation benefits to wildlife. We conclude that conservation benefits are accrued by expanding the habitat available for large mammals but more attention needs to be focused on how to reduce and respond to human–wildlife conflict that is likely to occur in these multiple use areas. We believe this value can be increased still further if the agroforestry community decides to assume a leadership role in addressing the issue of human–wildlife conflict, which is fast becoming a central threat to the survival of many large endangered species like tigers and elephants.   Both people and wildlife can benefit enormously if appropriate methods are developed to more rigorously define the distribution and frequency of conflict between tigers and elephants with people along the edge of protected areas.


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Tiger Map – Interactive

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Tiger Presentation by WWF

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Tigers Around the World (map)


Source: wwf

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Myths & Legends about Tiger

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Toilet Paper and Forest Destruction

Not all tissue and paper towels are made from responsible sources. The toilet paper on your grocery store shelves may have a direct impact on the 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild.

WWF set out to investigate the connection between U.S. toilet paper and tissue products and the destruction of tropical forests on the other side of the world.
WWF found that two brands sold in the United States― Paseo and Livi― are made with paper from Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), which is responsible for more forest destruction in Sumatra than any other single company.   Paseo is a retail brand of toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and facial tissue, and it is now the fastest- growing brand of toilet paper in the United States, according to its marketer.1 Paseo and a sister brand, Livi, are also sold as “away-from-home” products to hotels, restaurants and other places with public facilities.
WWF contacted those companies to make them aware of the link between Paseo, APP and rain forest destruction and to urge these companies to stop sourcing these brands until APP changes its practices.

Read the full report

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Some Video about Sumatran Tigers

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How Important the Big Cat for the Safety of the Indonesian Jungle is

If we are talking about the wild animal in the world, we are going to talk about some of the most dangerous and wild animal, including the tiger. Tiger is the strong and magnificent animals which must be protected today. In Indonesia, the population of this big cat has been extinct, in some places. The last Indonesian tiger only can be found in the Sumatra Island, there is no left in other places or Islands in Indonesia. Tiger, even though can be classified as the wild animal, the carnivore animal, it has the main important role for the safety of the jungle. We need to know that this big cat belongs to the top rate of the food chain in the jungle.

The extinction of this animal will make the ecosystem of the jungle becomes not stable enough. There would be animal that could control the prey species populations, then the jungle become devastate. Have you ever imagined when the jungles said ends? The end of the jungle can give the worst impact for people. When the jungle had no longer safe, the supply of the air will be less also, it means that we, human, cannot live without it. Therefore, keeping this big cat population stable enough is something which important to be done by starting the simple act to keep the nature of the jungle safe for the living of the tiger on it.


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The Tiger Pictures in Indonesia

Indonesia has been known as the wealth country which is supported by its variations of cultures and animals. Nevertheless, we must rely on the condition of the jungle in Indonesia. Many people have not really realized how important to keep the jungle safe always is, they do not really think about the safety of the animals within the jungle, including the tiger. Tiger in Indonesia can be categorized as an extinct animal, It is not yet happened, but going to be happened if the Indonesian people didn’t start the action for preventing the extinction. The Tiger Pictures in Indonesia today can be said as the problems, there are no more 400 populations that can be found in Sumatra, and no one can be found in Java and Bali.

Relying on the Tiger Pictures condition of Indonesia, we must start the action for not easily damage the forest, because tiger need that place, they deserve to get the best place to live, as we, people, deserve to get the fresh air from the jungle, where we granted so much because of the safety of the jungle. For preventing any bad problems, worst happened, we need to do something for protecting the tiger and make the tiger easy to get the best place to live and growth more population for the safety of this earth. The Tiger Pictures in Indonesia can be solved as long as all of us take the action for recuing this animal from the extinction.


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Support the Tiger Conservation

We do know that the safety of this earth also depends on how safety the jungle is. We do know that the jungle has become the main part of earth that is affect how the earth breathing, in fact, it is also affecting how people in all around the world get the fresh air for surviving. Animals deserve the same as the people do, they need to get the best place where they can survive and live harmoniously as an animal.  Tiger in Indonesia has belonged to the animal’s category which is going to be extinct. You must be wondering why? It is because they have no enough comfortable places to live anymore. The distraction of jungles and forests causes the great impact for them. We can see that there are no more than four hundreds tigers in Indonesia which are left.

All we can do is supporting some organizations which have been rolling on the tiger conservation. It is essential for all people in Indonesia to get involve with the programs where they have a chance to protect the animal which are going to be extinct. The tiger conservation can be said as the largest program of conservation of the wild animal which will be hold for protecting this incredible animal from the extinction. Tiger has the main important role in keeping the jungle balance and safety enough, thus, the tiger conservation will be the best program that must be supported by all Indonesian, keep the tiger safe means keep the earth safe.


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