The Existence of Indonesian Tiger

Indonesia is an archipelago country which has so many beautiful cultures and animals within the country. One of the most magnificent animals which have been protected today in Indonesia is the Tiger. Indonesian tiger can be considered as one of the best animal which is protected today. It is because the population of Indonesia tiger has decreased day by day. A long time ago, tiger can be found in Bali, Java Island, and Sumatra, but today, the population of tiger in Bali and Java Island has been considered as the extinct animal, it is completely extinct, and the last tiger population that can be found is in Sumatra. Moreover, the population of tiger in Sumatra is not more than 400 tigers.

Sumatra tiger is usually called as the Panthera tigress Sumatrae. It is the origin animal from Indonesia where the UNESCO has considered this animal into the category of animal which must be protected in this world. The Sumatra Indonesia tiger today can be considered as the animal which is going to be extinct. For Sumatra people, everything about Indonesia tiger is something which must be respected. Tiger in Indonesia, for almost all people, especially in Sumatra, has been considered as the honorable animal, some of them called this animal using the honorable name, such as Datuk, in West Sumatra.